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Breaking down the barriers: multi-omics collaboration

23 Apr

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Translational science, research and development (R&D) organizations and hospitals are starting to break down the barriers to open data collaboration. Most recently we’ve seen Johnson & Johnson agree on clinical trial data sharing with Yale School of Medicine. Other pharma companies are looking at removing cultural barriers by bringing teams closer together, both in mindset and location. But how easy is it to share information when it comes to multiple different omics data (multi-omics)?

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It’s all about the data

16 Jan

Big Data is a Big Topic, fuelled by the impact of low cost genomic sequencing, adoption of electronic medical records and growth in personalized medicine approaches. From research to the clinic, translational medicine depends on properly integrated, managed and analyzed high quality data. This was the theme for the 4th annual IDBS Translational Medicine Symposium on Tuesday December 11th.

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UK takes leading role in genomic medicine

15 Jan

The recent news of an NHS driven DNA database for 100,000 subjects in the UK is a major statement of intent from the government. Following up on announcements regarding access to patient data via the Clinical Practice Research Database (CPRD) and calls for the NHS to lead the world in genetic medicine last year, this is a further step towards improving patient care with better knowledge of our genomic characteristics.

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The Mayans got it wrong. Welcome to a year of Big Data & Big Collaboration

11 Jan

A new collaborative data environment that will transform the world

There’s nothing quite like the morning after a good party. It’s a rollercoaster of reflection, recovery and sometimes embarrassment. It’s also often a time of new resolutions. For many of us the New Year provides the biggest ‘morning after the night before’ than most. Our article in yesterday’s  Genetic Engineering& Biotechnology News talks about the morning after the 50 year party enjoyed by the Life Sciences who are waking up to a new world.

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Nature vs Nurture (vs Junk)

7 Sep

The battle has long raged over the impact of nature (in the form of genetics) vs Nurture (in the form of environmental factors) on an individual’s susceptibility to disease. Clearly both play a huge part in deciding the expressed phenotype, but scientists always struggled to explain the variation in phenotype found between identical genomes even in the same lab conditions or between twins raised in the same household.

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