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Clinical trials data: sharing success

28 Aug

Andrew Jack’s recent article in the Financial Times touches on a hot debate across the pharmaceutical industry: should European and US drug companies be required to share clinical trials data with both researchers and competitors? Whilst many pharmaceutical and biotech firms are resisting regulators’ attempts to improve transparency, I would rather concentrate on how these companies can benefit from increased data sharing.

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The Great Genome Gold Rush

28 May

A fascinating New York Times article on how US cancer centers are racing to map patients’ genes has made me think how personalized/precision medicine can be approached successfully. The article refers to an “an arms race within the war on cancer” as major academic medical centers spend and recruit heavily. As the US medical establishment moves towards the routine sequencing of every patient’s genome in the quest for precision medicine, most pundits are predicting a time when whole genome sequencing is ubiquitous throughout health care.

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Breaking down the silos

13 Mar

Exciting news from the US last week. The CommonWell Health Alliance, a not-for-profit trade association, has been formed with the promise of transforming the face of national healthcare. The headline act is to make health records easier to share and five major providers are coming together to create common standards.

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It’s all about the data

16 Jan

Big Data is a Big Topic, fuelled by the impact of low cost genomic sequencing, adoption of electronic medical records and growth in personalized medicine approaches. From research to the clinic, translational medicine depends on properly integrated, managed and analyzed high quality data. This was the theme for the 4th annual IDBS Translational Medicine Symposium on Tuesday December 11th.

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UK takes leading role in genomic medicine

15 Jan

The recent news of an NHS driven DNA database for 100,000 subjects in the UK is a major statement of intent from the government. Following up on announcements regarding access to patient data via the Clinical Practice Research Database (CPRD) and calls for the NHS to lead the world in genetic medicine last year, this is a further step towards improving patient care with better knowledge of our genomic characteristics.

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