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Oil’s well that ends well

17 Oct

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is essential to us all. It heats our homes, provides fuel for transport and produces many related products which enhance our day-to-day lives. But what goes on behind the scenes to ensure we have a constant supply of energy to power our lives and supply us with essential materials? Just as oil and gas are critical to our modern lifestyle, efficient data management and process IP capture are vital to this business. The value of a modern ELN can be seen across all streams of the industry.

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Back to the future: shaping the lab of tomorrow with the knowledge of today

15 Oct

Back to the future

The advancement of technology used in everyday life occurs at a tremendous rate. Now take that speed of change and apply it to the laboratory. Keeping pace is a challenge for anyone creating informatics for scientists, researchers, engineers and analysts. This is particularly hard with expectations for IT and infrastructure systems higher than ever before. We see this first hand: one of the key drivers for our customers across market verticals is to improve efficiency and throughput, and the way they use our technology in the lab makes a real impact. Essentially, automation is more often than not a positive thing, but it mustn’t come at the expense of usability, scalability and an environment people can really work in.

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Tuning the engine: four trends driving the future of lab informatics

15 Aug


Lab technology has gradually become the grease to the wheels of R&D teams. Next generation tools will be essential in dealing with the R&D challenges of tomorrow.

A number of leading thinkers at our recent Connect conference shared their thoughts on the subject, including Atrium Research and Consulting CEO Michael Elliott. We’ve picked out some of the key trends below that are shaping the future of the informatics superhighway.

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Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: Reinvigorating the LC-MS process

5 Jun

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: Reinvigorating the LC-MS process

With the evolution of science and technology over the past 20 years, many lab operations are well developed. Data processing, review and reporting still remains a burden. The use of electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) could be the key to reinvigorating this process.

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Meeting today’s chemistry data requirements

23 Jan

Chemists are always working with an end goal in mind – to efficiently conduct research to reach a desired result. They need tools to plan, execute and record reactions. They want to easily coordinate the testing of their products with other team members. Fast assay turnaround is a must, as is access to experimental results to optimize reaction yield, chemical composition or a desired activity.

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